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We always recommend thinking in terms of what is likely versus what is possible. The possibilities for types of critical incidents are truly unlimited while the plausibility is much more contained and manageable. Given we all do not have unlimited time to train this focused approach is much more effective.

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Consider, for example, who you are most likely to be with during an incident. Is it likely to be your high speed, extensively trained training partner or more likely to be someone else? The reality is that most of us, if in such a situation will find ourselves with our loved ones. How many of us have involved our loved ones in our training or planning?

We are now offering a unique class for couples be it husbands/wives, significant others, roommates, parents/children in which we will train on what to expect, what roles each person assumes, communications and family dynamic teamwork. No one else is offering this type of unique training and given the likelihood this is going to be the situation and team we find ourselves in and with we believe it is a critical gap in everyone’s training plan.

No experience or prior training is needed to attend this class and it is especially suitable for beginners, or as a tune-up for accomplished shooters.

Ammunition Requirements : 300 rounds

Gear: Family participants must each bring a modern defensive pistol and a holster made specifically for that pistol and designed to be worn on the belt (nylon not recommended), two magazines, magazine holders (optional), belt, clear wrap-around ballistic eye protection, ear protection, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system. Bring a garment appropriate to train from concealment (jacket, hoodie). You may also choose to bring a folding camp chair for breaks.


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