Interactive Training in a Civilian Context



Facing an actual opponent who can respond and with which there are consequences for failure is a key component in your training repertoire and an unbelievably eye-opening experience. This class will rapidly teach you the critical components to winning (not simply surviving) a gunfight as well as dispell myths you may have held true. This is true “training in context” that allows us to prove our tactics and strategies for an actual active gunfight situation.

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We learn that movement is essential and we learn to become much more dangerous gunfighters. The class emphasizes movement and reactive shooting breaking out of the flat range mindset of stylized stances and positions that quickly become static death in an actual fight. You will learn, from direct experience, what will and will not work in practicality, not theory. This is the closest you can get to an actual combat situation without being in one. After this class, your training will never be the same.

Gear: Gas operated airsoft pistol (not spring or electric), 2 spare magazines, mag holder, airsoft pellets, protective mask, hat, hooded sweatshirt, and gloves. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system. You may also choose to bring a folding camp chair for breaks.


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