Low Light/Cold Weather Gunfighting



The majority of critical incidents occur in low or no light and not training for this eventuality is a major gap in any warrior's skill set. Night can be our friend but we all need to know how to use it and how to make lack of light our ally as opposed to an adversary. Give our time of year we will take advantage of the weather to also train for the challenges of cold weather carry, presentation and fighting. Cold weather wear brings some challenges and as committed CCW holders it is also important that we train for this situation.
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We have designed and developed a comprehensive curriculum which will focus on defensive shooting in low/no light conditions as well as when fighting your way through layers of clothing. We will be shooting under stress, with the aid of flashlights and learn how to make accurate shots and manipulate weapons while holding and operating a flashlight. We will also plan for the concept that “flashlights work both ways” and how to avoid incoming fire. The first several hours of class will work through the techniques then as we move into late afternoon/evening we will do actual live fire under these challenging conditions.

Attendance in one of our prior training classes (Intro to Pistol Gunfighting or CRG 1) or a similar class is a prerequisite for this class.

Ammunition Requirements: 250 rounds

Gear: Modern defensive pistol and a holster made specifically for that pistol and designed to be worn on the belt (nylon not recommended), three magazines, magazine holders, flashlight with flashlight holder (Surefire 6p or equivalent, must be able to be operated one handed), belt, clear wrap-around ballistic eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system. Bring a garment appropriate to train from concealment as well. You may also choose to bring a folding camp chair for breaks.


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