Responsible Gun Use Under Stress (RGUUS)


Do you ever wonder how your range skills translate into a real event? Will you fight or freeze? Can you make correct decisions while under the stress of being attacked?

Owning a gun means that you must train in order to become safe and proficient. Range time is crucial and is a never ending process of improvement. However, there are certain aspects we can not train with live fire because it’s simply not safe.

Bill Kipp and Combat Force Academy have joined forces to bring you training like you haven’t seen before. This six hour seminar is open to people of all skill levels with an emphasis on people with little or no training in gun handling, stress response or hand to hand combat. Shooters in this seminar will receive a combination of technical instruction as well as stress based scenario training. Our use of SIRT guns and safe projectile weapons allow us to take firearms training to a new level.

This course is based on real combat experience and a true understanding of how our brain works when we are attacked. It has previously only been available within the most elite Spec Op teams. We make it available to you.

Product Description

Location: Lafayette, Colorado

Gear: Comfortable clothes suitable for moderate physical activity, water bottle.

Cancellation Policy: Combat Force Academy strives to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and as such if you need to cancel a class and do so more than a week prior we will apply your tuition as a credit for a later class of your choice. Cancellations within a week of the scheduled class date will be addressed on a circumstance basis but our default policy will be no cancellations within a week of the date. 


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